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William Ellsworth "Dummy" Hoy 

Triumph in Silence:
MLB's Most Successful Deaf Player

William Ellsworth "Dummy" Hoy, born on May 23, 1862, in Houcktown, Ohio, etched his name in baseball history as one of the most successful and impactful players of his time. What set Hoy apart was not only his prowess on the field but also his triumph over adversity as a deaf athlete.

Making his MLB debut with the Washington Nationals in 1888, Hoy quickly garnered attention for his exceptional skills as an outfielder and switch-hitter. Despite not being the first deaf player in Major League Baseball, he became the game's most accomplished deaf athlete.


MLB Career

Hoy's career spanned several teams, including the Washington Senators, Buffalo Bisons, St. Louis Browns, and Cincinnati Reds. Renowned for his speed on the basepaths, he held the career stolen bases record for many years, totaling an impressive 594 stolen bases.


Beyond his on-field achievements, Hoy became a pioneer and advocate for the deaf community. Following his retirement after the 1902 season, he actively promoted the use of sign language in baseball and worked to break down barriers for deaf individuals pursuing careers in the sport.

His legacy extends far beyond statistics and records. He stands as a symbol of resilience, breaking through societal norms and achieving greatness despite facing the challenges of deafness. His impact on the game and advocacy for inclusivity continue to inspire generations, making him a true trailblazer in the annals of baseball history.

William Ellsworth "Dummy" Hoy


Deaf HS Baseball & Softball: Where Limitless Dreams Take the Field

Empowering Through Sport: The 2024 'Dummy' Hoy Deaf High School Baseball and Softball Tournament, hosted by the Indiana School for the Deaf, is dedicated to fostering camaraderie, skill development, and inclusivity within the deaf community. Inspired by the legacy of William 'Dummy' Hoy, our mission is to provide a platform where deaf high school athletes can showcase their talents, build lifelong connections, and break down barriers. Through spirited competition and a celebration of diversity, we aim to create an unforgettable experience that transcends the game, leaving a lasting impact on the participants and the broader community. Join us in championing the spirit of 'Dummy' Hoy and forging a path towards a more inclusive future in sports.

Maryland School for the Deaf Softball Player
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