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HOY XXI | April 26-27 | Indianapolis, IN

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Indianapolis offers a diverse range of hotels to suit various preferences and budgets, including upscale and budget-friendly options. Whether you prefer modern amenities, a central location, or specific services, Indianapolis has accommodations for everyone. For convenience during the Hoy XXI event at the Indiana School for the Deaf, it's advisable to select a hotel close to the campus for easy access.


To reach the Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) campus at 1200 42nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46205, head towards the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Upon arrival at the front entrance, stop and greet the ISD Officer, informing them that you are there for the event. When leaving the campus, the exit gate operates on sensors. Approach the gate slowly, and the sensor will recognize your vehicle, raising the arm for your exit. Once your vehicle is no longer present, the sensors will prompt the gate arm to close, effectively managing traffic flow.



The Indiana School for the Deaf has two fields—one for softball and another for baseball. The softball field is located right across from the Caskey building and the playground by the Simms building (Elementary School), while the baseball field is situated behind the Simms building.

The Downtown in Indianapolis
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